PDC Scaffolding has signed an exclusive partnership with PERI UK to supply the company’s system scaffolding product.

PERI Up is a lightweight, easy-assemble scaffolding system that can be designed to meet complex building needs, as well as providing a simple, safe scaffolding option for standard wall requirements. The system incorporates a range of other scaffold equipment including hoists, climbing enclosures, protection strips and safety caps.

“We’ve chosen to work with this excellent system scaffold because it aligns with our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, and because of its inherent safety qualities,” says Paul Casey. “The system improves site safety, protecting workers, site visitors and the public, and because it is easy to put up, it saves our customers time and money on site.”

PDC Scaffolding is already running projects using PERI System Scaffold, and has received very positive feedback. “Everyone has been impressed with this system,” says Paul “and we are seeing other clients who are keen to take it on and see the benefits for themselves.”

PERI has the infrastructure to support our client’s needs, wherever they are based, and offer outstanding customer service, giving our own customers the confidence to switch from traditional tube and fitting to a new way of working. In addition, PERI’s carbon neutral status is a great fit for PDC.

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