Meet the next generation of planet friendly scaffolding

PDC is committed to minimising our impact on the environment

We have started this journey by offsetting our carbon footprint, and we are engaging with numerous carbon capture projects all around the world, for a better tomorrow.

Looking after our team is one of the most important things we can do

We work to ensure all of our team members feel supported and satisfied. We leverage our partnership with ConstructionSport to provide activities which bring us together.

PDC is committed to maintaining the highest standard of work

We help both our clients and employees reach their fullest potential, all while providing a healthy and supportive work environment for our employees and respecting our obligations to the environment.

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PDC Scaffolding is working to offset its carbon emissions

We are opening to a number of collaborations with a UK Offset initiative to create a cleaner work environment.

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PDC Scaffolding supports the wellbeing of our employees

At PDC we encourage our employees to participate and socialise at our sport events in which we improve relationships between colleagues.

PDC Scaffolding fosters a healthy work environment

PDC believes in achieving the highest standards in our work, while fostering a supportive work environment for our employees and maintaintaining a PDC scaffolding initiative a sensitivity to our environment.

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